Teeth whitening

What is the teeth whitening

The teeth whitening works on the principle of breakdown karbamidperoxide, active molecules penetrate the enamel and crystals react with the pigments. Whitening effect is very clearly visible even when the enamel doesn´t change or harm. Why? Because only about 2% of the tooth enamel are organic substances which interact to tooth discoloration. The other 98% are the inorganic crystals, which are not influenced by karbamidperoxide. If this procedure is performed under professional supervision and the risks such as pregnancy, allergies, abnormal enamel development etc. are avoided, is teeth whitening SAFE.

It must be said, the doctor must first check the teeth, capture cavity and remove tartar and coatings. After that he can start with teeth whitening. Peroxide which gets to caries can cause pain. It´s not appropriate to start with prosthetics (crowns, bridges and others) and make "white fillings" before whitening. Artificial materials don´t change the colours by the whitening and then occurs the visible difference between teeth whitening and the rest of the teeth. Therefore must be this work done after the whitening.

Methods of the teeth whitening

There are two most frequent methods of teeth whitening: home teeth whitening (tray based) and outpatient teeth whitening

Home teeth whitening (tray based)
When you choose home teeth whitening you will need an initial consultation with the dentist. He tells you if you are suitable for home teeth whitening treatments. If so, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth which are then used to produce upper/lower trays made of a soft vinyl rubber. You will apply small amount of gel onto this tray and fitting the tray to your teeth, the home whitening system will remove most stains. Practise this procedure daily for several hours. Your teeth might be a bit more sensitive during this time. The teeth whitening gel produces oxygen which penetrates the tiny pores in the enamel surface of your teeth. The oxygen removes stains that may have become embedded in the enamel over the years using a safe and easy oxidation process.

Cosmetic outpatient teeth whitening
Is performed in the dental office and takes about 90 minutes. Trained staff will even clean coating on the teeth and stretch so called KOFERDAM – protecting layer between your teeth and soft tissues so the rest gel can´t irritate your gums. A whitening medium is applied and illuminated by monochromatic light for activating stronger effect. Application of the gel after removing is repeated three times. Finally, is on the teeth applied the special gel which helps to fast calming irritated enamel. In some patients can appear a light toothache which can persist during a day.

Does the teeth whitening always work?

Just before the threatment it´s not possible to determine what level of the whitening can be reached in your case and how long will be the reached effect stabile. However, your dentist according to the experience obtained in his practice can assess what changes are possible. For example, patients who have been satisfied with their color, but over time have noticed yellowing have great potential to be happy again. This type of coloring is mainly due to color pigments in food and beverages.

What to do before & after teeth whitening

The supportive fluoridation so called „white diet“ is very important after each whitening. It is applied immediately after the whitening in the dental office and it is necessary to repeat that at least once a week at home. You have to avoid the food and drinks with strong coloured pigments such as coffee, tea, red wine, cola drinks, soy sauce, beetroot, strawberries, blueberries...) Dark shades of lipstick can cause discoloration too. In the first days it´s also good to avoid sour and acidic foods such as fruit, wine, dressings on salads, juices.... Acid reduces the pH value in the saliva and sensitive teeth can react painfully. No panic, if you feel a dull toothache or your teeth will respond to hot and cold. About 10% of people suffer from an increased sensitivity of the teeth shortly after the whitening.

Our dental team is of the highest quality and our office offers up to date treatments and techniques, so turn to us whether you're considering home teeth whitening or cosmetic outpatient teeth whitening and enjoy the best level of care.

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